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Overwater original 5 string**SOLD


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Out of stock

About the Overwater original 5 string**SOLD

Beautiful Overwater 5 string bass. Commission sale, heres what the owner has to say about it:

This is a 2002 Overwater Original (I use to refer to it as a Progress 3 but given the body shape the correct term is original) these are very rare and extremely expensive to get made, somewhere around the 4 grand mark if ordering today. So you’ve got the benefits of the 3 band eq and locking jack etc over the 70’s Originals. It’s a lovely cross between a jazz and a thunderbird.

It is well used and has a few battle scars that I’ve tried to show in the pictures, nothing structural or that would affect performance, if it had a bit more you’d call it relic’d and I could charge more, there is some buckle rash but it’s very hard to show in the pictures, I’d suggest anyone interested come try it first.

This is very versatile bass but naturally a bright sound, I prefer a murkier muddy sound these day, it’s like playing a very angry piano, of the 6 Overwaters I’ve had this is the best. It’s 36 inch scale so the B is really tight and for 4 years I was tuned down a full step and it was like thunder. But it’s all these things that make me realise it’s the time to sell, I’m not detuning, I’m largely running 4’s with flats into mushy valve amps 😀 and it seems a waste to have this sat around (other than it looks lovely in the lounge)

Currently it’s strung with D’Addario Half Rounds and will come with a Fodera double gig bag, (please note the bag is quite worn and a couple of times the zip has split in small places, oddly it was only when sitting against a wall and not when being carried. I think this is largely due to the weight of having 2 basses in it and a lot of crap in the front pocket)

Interesting story (to me at least), Overwater have only given 1 bass ace ever and they say when you are famous (and great) as him you can have a free bass too. That man was John Entwistle and the top of his bass is the slice above the top on this one. After John’s death it was bought by Joy Division/New Order’s Peter Hook where it now resides in his collection. So there is a nice tenuous claim to fame.

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