2001 UK Made VOX AC15TB

vox ac15tb vox ac15tb 2


Very scarce UK made Vox AC15tb from 2001.

This has been recovered in the vox fawn tolex, looks great and quite tidy!

No foot switch unfortunately and so can’t tell if the reverb works…….the trem and vibrato are fine. There are replacement foot switches all over the net for a tenner should you wish!

This sounds fantastic as all UK vox’s. I’ve had a fair few of these over the years and they are just antabusealco stunning! All valve 15w……thats a very loud 15w as all the valve heads out there will know! This has the standard vox speaker, not the blue!

These were made by marshall and also know as the korg era Vox’s and are the most close you’ll get to sounding like an original 60’s vox…..albeit without the master volume and reverb.

Truly amazing amp! – £499